Personalization at Scale

The Business Challenge

In this accelerated digital economy, a solid Customer Experience Management (CXM) strategy is the key to success. Customers are not buying just a product or service anymore; they are expecting better experiences across a growing and diverse set of channels and customer journeys. Due to the technical nature of this challenge, it spans across the entire organization & its stakeholders.

About the Program

What is WIN with PLATFORM?

In this accelerated digital economy, a solid Customer Experience Management (CMX) strategy is the key to success. Adobe Experience Platform as a purpose-built experience management platform helps CX leaders implement a modern system to deliver better customer experiences across the customer journey at scale. WIN with PLATFORM is all about building Packaged Solution Offerings for Customers using the Adobe Experience Platform and Applications.

Partner Benefits

What is in it for You (Adobe Partner)?

Development of Joint Propositions and Go To Market

- Leveraging Partner´s Capabilities and Domain Expertise to drive joint Go To Market.
- Adobe Marketing Support

Alignment on Sales Opportunities with Adobe

- Market Segments & Target Accounts
- Close collaboration with the Adobe Sales Teams down to AE Level

verified by Adobe

- Vertical-specific Partner Offering and Verified Solution Definition
- Customer Presentation with Demo Build
- Solution Brochure (Adobe Internal and Customer facing) and Marketing Assets

You will be building the following offerings

+ Part 1 - Package Offering

A packaged offering on AEP Applications based on Adobe provided Blueprints & Use Cases

+ Part 2 -Verticalised Offering

A verticalized offering addressing a highly relevant industry use case and has the repeatability across multiple customers, with AEP & Apps at the core and including other Adobe/non-Adobe products based on the need of the use case

The Partner Team

The Partner Team typically should consist of:

  • Enterprise & Data Architects
  • Data Engineers
  • Data Analyst & Data Steward
  • Data Scientist (Depending on the use case)
  • Adobe Experience Cloud SME (Analytics, Target, etc. Based on the use case)
  • Sales / CTM